Top 5: Halloween trick or treats — for adults!

Why should kids get all the fun? Sure, a Snickers bar hits the spot once in awhile, but with age comes greater appreciation for food and beverage.

While the rugrats are loading up on low-grade giveaways, here are five treats that would get us to dress up and tromp through the neighborhood.

Premium chocolate sauce could totally change the trick or treating landscape.

1. River Chocolate Company chocolate sauce
Skip the Hershey’s bars and pour this on everything. Pretzels? Yup. Caramels? Sure. The possibilities are endless. Flavors include blood orange, Kumbe (made with a blend of Tanzanian chocolate, organic dark-roasted Kenyan coffee and a shot of organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla), and Mexican Coffee (traditional Mexican flavors of cinnamon, coffee, vanilla and chocolate), and are made locally using fair trade and organic ingredients.
Box of three for $31,; also available at Mill City Farmers Market, and Mississippi Market

Way better than anything wrapped in cellophane. (Cake Eater Bakery)

2. Very Prairie homemade marshmallows
Who needs Halloween Peeps when you’ve got fresh, locally made marshmallows? You could even pour some River Chocolate sauce on these suckers. Made locally, there aren’t many better ways to get your sugar rush on. We recommend the peppermint flavor tossed in a steaming mug of hot cocoa to warm you up after all your ghostly gallivanting.
Available at Sugar Sugar Candy Shop in Minneapolis and the Mill City Farmers Market

3. Gourmet cupcakes
The Twin Cities are blessed with a blissfully high number of bakeries per capita. Salty Tart. Sweets Bakeshop. Cake Eater. Cupcake. Franklin Street Bakery. Cocoa and Fig. Miel y Leche Cupcakes. The list goes on. Too bad that people are skittish about accepting unwrapped sweets from strangers because these would be great doled out like fistfuls of mini candy bars.

Get ready to lick your lips. (Treat)

4. Surly Darkness

We’d gladly trade whole bags of standard-issue Halloween candy for even a single bottle of Surly’s much sought-after October brew (they’re only bottling 7,500). The Russian Imperial Stout boasts flavors of chocolate, coffee, and toffee. Sounds like a Halloween treat to us. You can also bypass the stingy neighbor who gives out toothbrushes and just use your beer as mouthwash.
Check for locations selling Darkness.

5. Candy flavored lip balm
After a hard night of collecting your gourmet grub, your lips are likely long-overdue for some candy love of their own. Skip the Lipsmackers and pamper them with some Lemon Drop lip balm by Treat. WARNING: Rubbing Lemonheads candy on your lips will not achieve the same results. Hold out for the real thing.
Available at Patina Stores and online

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