The Wedge: My little bakery of Eden

Just so we all start on even footing, here’s something you should know: I love cookies. As in, if I’m expected to bring something to a potluck, it will be cookies; if there are many things to eat at a party, I will instantly identify the cookies and make sure I have each flavor represented on my place. I bake cookies. I eat cookies. I talk about cookies, and I read about cookies. You get the picture.

In fact, I’m finishing an especially good cookie while I’m writing this (don’t tell E — he hates when I eat over the keyboard).

There’s something intoxicating about the combination of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour — oh, and usually chocolate, too — that has me on a short leash.

Enter The Wedge, that bastion of all thing locavore, organic, and splendidly yumtastic. I live a few footsteps away, but I have never had the occasion to sample The Wedge’s cookies. Bars, of course. Crisps? I’m on a first name basis with their vegan apple walnut crisp. Gluten-free cake? Yes, thank you Passover! I’ve even picked up lunch from their deli counter, but never a cookie, somehow. Today that would all change.

Staring down the choices like a kid in a candy store (OK, really not that different), I picked a black angus, a citrus-pistachio shortbread, and an espresso chocolate chip. There were easily another twelve options vying for my attention, but they’ll have to wait for another day.

The citrus-pistachio shortbread (Why can’t we just call things what they are — you’d never expect grapefruit or pomelo in your “citrus”-flavored anything, would you?) was light and buttery, and definitely lemony — the kind of flavor that makes you feel like there’s warm sunlight on the back of your head. The pistachios seemed a little soft and chewy for a topping, and they didn’t really add anything (they couldn’t compete with the lemon), but they made for pretty presentation and it certainly went down easily.

The most complex flavors of the bunch came from the espresso chocolate chip, boasting not only the slight, wonderful bitterness of coffee, but some serious chocolate, as well as cardamom and a healthy dose of brown sugar. (If you’re taking notes, I’m a big proponent of brown sugar-based cookies.) The taste just lingered in my mouth, daring me to take another bite, even though I was still savoring the previous one.

But the black angus cookies — whoa. Can I call something an abyss of dark chocolatey goodness? I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate description. These unassuming, dark little rounds knocked me off my feet with their mysterious and just-a-little sweet flavor mixed with perfectly toasted walnuts, only to leave me swimming in circles, a victim of chocolate vertigo.

Now I just need to figure out who to bribe for the recipe. In the meantime, I suppose I could sate my chocolate cookie lust with some chocolate-toffee cookies.

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