Thai chicken pizza with Torrontes wine @ Good Earth in Edina

Am I a sucker for anything with Thai peanut sauce? Yeah. I am. I wish I’d had more than my cell phone camera with me so I could illustrate how wonderful and thick this particular peanut sauce is, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Good Earth serves it as an appetizer, but it’s really just about the right size for a meal (unless you like feeling like a bloated goon who ate half the restaurant, in which case this will not be enough food for you).

The wine was really delightful too — Yellow+Blue Torrontes (makes *green* — get it?) is “certified organic, shipped responsibly and packaged smarter,” according to their website. Plus, even the first sip tasted like Hawaii. (Yes, they all tasted the same, but I was surprised!) I don’t know how they made that happen, but the taste profile was absolutely spot-on — “flavors of peach, canteloupe, and pineapple, with nice acidity.”

And at $6.95 for a glass this month, I totally recommend checking it out.

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