Noshin’ Recipes: Fall Shabbat Menu of Baked Chicken, Glazed Carrots, Mashed Squash and Potatoes

I’ve recently become a particular variety of “homeless.” My husband and I (finally!) sold our condo in Uptown two weeks ago after being on the market a full 18 months (Eight.teen. Months. No joking.). It was our first home together, and although it feels faintly like the end of an era, we’re goofy with excitement over the prospect of owning an actual, honest-to-goodness house.

I could wax philosophical over the excitement of getting to do laundry on a whim (oh, the joys!), but I won’t bore you with such mundane details. The crux of this story is that for the month between selling our condo and buying our house, we’re living with my in-laws in the suburban boonies otherwise known as Stillwater.

While such a situation is not for the faint of heart, we feel pretty lucky, all things considered. But, just to hedge our bets, I offered to make Shabbat dinner our first week with the parents.


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