Noshin’: What’s in Season: Late Spring

When people outside of Minnesota think of our the state, I always hear “cold and snowy” mentioned in the same breath. And then there’s the requisite joke talking about how we have two seasons: winter and road construction. There’s also the one barely veiled as a joke about how we have nine months of winter (and isn’t that just an insult posing as a fact, or vise-versa?).

Yes, it’s cold here. A lot. Even if it was inexplicably 70 degrees in March, and a scorching 94 as I’m (sweating while) writing this (in May, no less). But cold weather doesn’t mean we can’t grow anything! I simply would point nay-sayers in the direction of the farmer’s markets or any adept garderner’s backyard plot.

So, what is edible this early in the season?


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