Noshin’ Review: Seven Stars Coffee House

There’s the smell of freshly baked bagels in the air and a mezuzah on the doorpost. No, this isn’t New York or Jerusalem, and it isn’t even a temple baking extravaganza hosted by the Sisterhood. This is an honest-to-goodness kosher bakery in the Twin Cities. As in, not just kosher-style. And, all the baked goods and candies are made fresh on-site, and they’re all sure to put a starch-induced smile on your face.

It’s obvious that there is a tremendous amount of pride in this place, from the early and long hours, to the lengths required to go to to get – and maintain – kosher certification, not to mention the hand-made candies. And the counter staff was clearly genuinely pleased with the shop’s offerings, proudly arranging items for me to photograph and sharing their thoughts on the day’s specials.

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