Noshin’ Review: Cecil’s Delicatessen

Tucked away in Highland Park, a few blocks off the busy Ford Parkway-Cleveland intersection that holds well-trafficked establishments like Highland Grill and Chatterbox Pub, is Cecil’s Delicatessen, a sort-of Kosher deli located in one of the last Jewish strongholds on the St. Paul side of the river.

Opened in 1949 by Cecil Glickman and his wife Faye, the deli shipped in meats from Chicago, where the quality was the highest they could find. To this day, Cecil’s meats make their way north from Chi-town, including Vienna Beef, one of our family’s favorites (we have actually driven to Chicago for hot dogs before we found Vienna Beef retailers in the Twin Cities — it’s that good). Do I think they could find equally fantastic meat closer to home? Sure — but that’s not how it’s been done, and it’s not who they are.


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