Noshin’ Recipes: Ringing in the (Secular) New Year

As Jews, we officially have four “New Years” each year, but none match the revelry of December 31st. So, how can we make a decidedly non-Jewish holiday, well, Jewish?

Well, this is a food column. So, I propose we take a page from the food traditions that shape our other new year meals at other times of the year. Sweet foods for a sweet new year. Round foods to highlight the cyclical nature of our lives. Fish, specifically the head of the fish, to symbolize the head of the year. New fruits and grains (and animals, if that’s your eating persuasion) of the season, followed with a shehecheyanu.

And to further compound the awesomeness, New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday this year – Shabbat. As if you needed another excuse to celebrate.

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