CSA Box #9

Anyone else notice we missed a couple of boxes? (#7 and #8) Between farm camp two weeks ago and getting last week’s late because of our camping trip (and then it being so chock-full of deliciousness), no photos were taken. Suffice to say they were great and had many of the fun items boxes #8 has. Just not in the same abundant quantity.

From this box,

Came all. this. produce. Oh my.

The obvious crowning glory being the insanely huge beet.

It was roughly the size of five of the apples it’s sitting next to, or three good sized potatoes. It was the same size as the head of cabbage it arrived with.

Other highlights:

2 kilos of purple potatoes (I weighed them), almost a kilo of green, purple, and yellow beans, a head of cabbage, enough lettuce for a couple salads, half a head of cauliflower…

…One very large striped zucchini, a regular-sized standard zucchini, a tennis ball-shaped/sized white zucchini (I believe it’s a “lemon zucchini”), a couple of random collard greens…

…three humongous carrots (really? you couldn’t have sent us smaller carrots sooner instead of three ridiculously large ones in late summer?), 11 Lodi apples (desitined for a crisp!), half a head of brocolli you can almost see in this shot…

…And last but not least, garlic and parsley.

The bounty was so overwhelming I photographed it all, even though this was our whole share, half of which belongs to our lovely neighbors who we split the box with. Which is totally OK, considering we won’t finish our half, much less ALL of this vegetation.

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