CSA Box #6

Box #6 is what made us say, “Yes, I’m glad I have a CSA.” Looking at this produce, why wouldn’t you want to eat locally and seasonally? Thank you, Blackberry Community Farm, for finally sharing the good stuff!

Exhibit A: Three kinds of basil (in the box’s defense, it turned out to have four kinds, I just thought one of them was something else).

Exhibit B: Zucchini, cucumber, and pea pods.

Exhibit C: Many purple and one gold potato. And they made really, really good mashed potatoes.

Exhibit D: Lotsa brocolli!

Exhibit E: Stuff you can actually use! Onion, garlic, and …purple turnip?

Exhibit F: More herbs than I know what to do with.

And the piece de resistance, Exhibit G: Glorious, sweet, not-bred-for-transport red raspberries. Possibly my favorite thing about summer.

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