CSA Box #4

I have to say this: I’m a little sick of greens by now. I have yet to finish our half of our share yet, although I feel I made a valiant effort last week (pictures of that to come). Blackberry Community Farm, where are the snap peas? I was actually a little disappointed that there weren’t radishes in the box this week because that would be something non-leafy. And why isn’t it time for carrots yet? And some asparagus would have killed you?

But I digress.

This week we got lettuce, broccoli, garlic scapes, spinach, Swiss chard, collard greens, green onions, dill, and beets with greens.

Oh boy, were there beet greens. This is one (1) beet and its crazy head of leaves.

I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but Bendamalena was quite smitten with the garlic scrapes. I finally had to pull her away. With her in my arms, I looked down to tell her “No!” and got a big whiff of garlic kitty breath. Hilarious! Yup. My cat had garlic breath.

I have no clue what we’ll be making with all this leafiness this week. Probably a spinach salad or some more creamed spinach. I have some dried beans that I’ve been meaning to make, so maybe I’ll pair them with the collard greens and onions. And perhaps a pasta salad with some dill, cooked garlic scrapes, and broccoli? We’ll see. E hasn’t been much help on these leafy veggies…

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