CSA Box #2

Another week, another solid delivery from our CSA, Blackberry Community Farm!

Check this spread out:

Counter-clockwise from the top: spinach (not the baby variety), lettuce, garlic scrapes, two kinds of mint, radishes, napa cabbage, and broccoli.

There was also a pint of stunning, adorably tiny strawberries, but as you can imagine, those didn’t last long enough to even be photographed.

Don’t you love the purple radish? It’s so pretty! Nature kicks ass.

Once again, my kitty Bendamalena decided she liked the box’s contents too, and needed to put them in her mouth.

Murphy seemed to take a more blase’ approach, half protecting the green goods, half bored by them. ZZzzz…

Oh, cats with fresh vegetables. Classic.

So far I’ve made a garden couscous salad with some of the spinach and mint (along with a bunch of non-CSA vegetables), sriracha cabbage (with the cabbage, obviously), and green salads with the lettuce for dinner. On deck: Thai stir fry with the garlic scrapes, cabbage, and broccoli.

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