Blackberry Community Farm CSA Box #1

It came! It’s here! So green, so exciting!

This is what half our first share included (from left to right): a big pile of lovage (a hollow-stemmed lettuce, apparently), bok choi, a red radish and a white radish (with greens!), and a fistful of chives with a couple of blossoms still intact. Somewhere in this shot, camoflaugued by all the other greens, is a gorgeous little head of lettuce — not crazy lettuce or unidentifiable lettuce — just regular old, perfect lettuce. Bibb, maybe?

Our greens all had little holes in the top, like miniature creatures feasted for days and days but just couldn’t manage to eat the whole thing, but the farm assured us that they are perfectly edible. I feel like this adventure in local eating is going to teach me a lot about what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable in terms of quality. For example, if I had seen these in the store, I would have made a scoffing comment. Instead, I knew what to expect, and I ate through the imperfections and came out unscathed on the other side. A valuable learning experience!

Look — my perfect little head of lettuce! Nom nom nom…

I’ve only had radishes one other time in my life before these sparkling little numbers arrived, but I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews of radishes in springtime, so they were the first item I tried out (watch for a future post on it).

Apparently, even the cat likes radishes. She tried to obscond with them, but with little success. Sneaky kitty! It was so cute, I couldn’t bear to stop her. (Plus everyone needs some more greens in their diet, right?)

I’m a poor gardener, and having cats around doesn’t help my ability to grow things indoors — namely, herbs. Buying the fresh ones at the store, while immensely flavorful, seems like such a waste of money. Which makes me even more excited to see that I got a bundle of chives, one of my favorites, in our share. I love how it makes things taste fresh and green!

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