Bewiched Deli

Making my way to Bewiched Deli to meet my friend Lisa the other day, the neighborhood didn’t indicate that there was much to be found. The buildings still look like they did 75 years ago, when the neighborhood was all factories and warehouses, save for a sign here and there giving passersby a glimpse of what might be behind the beaten brick walls.

But, having been anticipating a reason to check out the much raved-about sandwich shop, I kept walking toward my destination. I was already salivating over the smoked turkey sandwich I knew I was going to order. Seriously — house-smoked turkey (like, right there — they smoke and cure all their own meats) with goat cheese (mixed with what appeared to be watercress or some other bright green delight), medjool dates, and bacon, all on ciabatta bread. Sold.

The combination of tangy (goat cheese) + sweet (dates) + smokey (turkey) + salty (bacon) + bright (greens) + comfort (ciabatta bread) = a tantalizing blend that I’m still thinking about days later. It hit my tastebuds on multiple levels, all while keeping the flavors true and simple — and really, when you’re paying for a sandwich, it ought to be a) better than something you’d make at home, but b) not make you feel like you’re underdressed. It’s still a sandwich, after all.

The chips were a completely unnecessary addition to the meal, but they were Rachel’s, and since they’re hard to find, Lisa and I both grabbed a bag to round out our lunch.

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